to me! (seriously though it is my birthday)


  • fandoms dont own tumblr
  • hipsters dont own tumblr
  • humor blogs dont own tumblr

you wanna know who owns tumblr??

  • It’s me Austin!
  • It was me all along Austin!

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i guess it’s not ogre yet

R.I.P. Harold Ramis (November 21, 1944-February 24, 2014) — When I look back on hist work as a writer, director, and actor, it’s kind of staggering to think how much joy he’s given me over the course of my life.

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I call it, “speed and fast”

more like meme and trash



Dear god help me, I don’r want to play any of my games lately. I just want to socialize. What’s wrong with me. I can’t even talk to anyone at school because to nervous to talk in person. I swear I’m not a social person so, why do I want to do it more than I want to game.

Cause you can game with other people :D

Thank You! That’s a great explanation. I guess I could set out to find people to game with. Thank you so much.